belugee goes AI!

belugee goes AI!

That was the theme of our recent team event at belugee. We got together to talk about further ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence into our platform. The workshop was a great success and we were able to generate some new ideas. So stay tuned, because things are going to get exciting at belugee in the future!

After the workshop, we recharged with lunch together and then headed to the highlight of the day – the Virtual Reality Escape Room VAONS GmbH in Munich. After a short briefing with tips and tricks, it was off into the virtual world for us! Together we faced some challenges and of course had a lot of fun! We can warmly recommend the Alice in Wonderland game in particular.

We were thrilled with the experience we had and are looking forward to more team activities in the future! At belugee, working together as a team is very important to us, and events like this strengthen our team spirit and bond.

We are very proud of the fact that at belugee, we are pushing the use of Artificial Intelligence to constantly evolve our platform. We are sure that integrating AI into our platform will help us provide our users with an even better experience and meet their needs even better.

We look forward to surprising you soon with new developments and exciting features of our platform. Stay tuned and follow our developments at belugee!